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Asas Enas Investments has been in the real estate industry for over 30 years. Our investor-owned properties are located throughout Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Whether you are searching for a residential home, apartment complex, condo, commercial building, land with acreage, our portfolio has a variety to meet all your needs!
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Our estate agents will assist you in selecting the ideal location for your dream home, or you can browse the gallery of new residential complexes on your own.

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1050 m² 3 beds 3 baths

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900 m² 3 beds 3 baths

Project location: Narjis district, North of King Salman. Project specifications: Project land area: 1050 square meters. – A perfect location on 30th Street, direct entrance from King Salman Road. -The project contains 14 apartments.

1050 m² 3 beds 3 baths